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Your One-Stop Solution for School Fundraising!
Your One-Stop Solution for School Fundraising!

Black Base Mouse Pads 5mm Thick (Qty 25)

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Introducing our White Top Mouse Pad with Black Base, a sleek and customizable accessory that combines functionality with personalization. This mouse pad is designed to provide a smooth and precise tracking surface for your mouse while offering the opportunity to showcase your unique style through sublimation printing.

The top surface of the mouse pad is made from high-quality white fabric, ensuring smooth and accurate mouse movements. The fabric allows for precise tracking, making it perfect for gaming, graphic design, or everyday computer use. Its smooth texture provides a comfortable glide for your mouse, enhancing your overall computing experience.

The black base of the mouse pad offers a sleek and professional look, complementing any workspace or gaming setup. The non-slip rubber base ensures that the mouse pad stays securely in place, preventing unwanted movement or slippage during intense gaming sessions or work tasks.

What sets our White Top Mouse Pad with Black Base apart is its sublimation-ready surface. This allows you to personalize the mouse pad with your own designs, logos, or artwork. Add a touch of personality to your workspace or showcase your brand by sublimating vibrant, fade-resistant colors directly onto the white fabric surface.

With sublimation printing, your designs become a seamless part of the mouse pad, ensuring a long-lasting and durable finish. The colors remain vibrant and sharp, even with regular use, providing a professional and eye-catching appearance.

Our White Top Mouse Pad with Black Base is not only a practical accessory but also a customizable one. Elevate your workspace, express your creativity, or promote your brand with a personalized mouse pad that stands out from the rest.

Upgrade your computing experience with our White Top Mouse Pad with Black Base. Enjoy the precision, comfort, and personalization that this mouse pad offers. Order yours today and bring a touch of customized style to your desk.

  • Can be used with sublimation or heat transfer papers/flex
  • Size:  7.75" x 9.25" x 5mm

Temperature: 400ºF / Time: 35-45 seconds / Pressure: light to medium
Tips: Prepare your artwork and size transfer with consideration to the size of the item. Using heat resistant tape, fasten the item in position facing the printed side of the transfer. Spread a white piece of paper on the bottom of the press. Place the item on the heat press with the transfer on top of the item. Cover transfer with a sheet of plain white paper. Press with light to medium pressure for 35-45 seconds. Remove transfer immediately and set item to the side to cool.

Sold in Cases of 25

(Price is per case)