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Your One-Stop Solution for School Fundraising!
Your One-Stop Solution for School Fundraising!

Promo Cap & Flat Press

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With our new auto clam cap & flat press, it is not necessary to wait by the press, while the transfer is pressed. Simply close the press, and it will auto open once the timer counts down to 0. This press is also equipped with a warning sound when the transfer is done.

This press is specially designed for pressing onto baseball caps, and other small items and is ideally suited for sublimation and heat transfer vinyl.


  • Fully digital Temperature and Time controls
  • Magnetic Auto Open Feature
  • Space Saving Clam Shell Design
  • Adjustable Pressure
  • Interchangeable Platen and Base Plates
  • Able to do both caps and small flat items
  • Max temperature of 437F (225C)
  • Temperature can be display in Celsius, or Fahrenheit
  • Printable Size: 3.15" x 5.12"  (80mm x 130mm x 10mm)
  • Includes Flat base and a Cap base
  • Also includes two heat platens:  Flat Heat Platen, Curved Cap Platen
  • One-year warranty on press
  • Five year warranty on heating element